SHOTS FIRED: Dr Naomi Wolf holds nothing back. The COVID VACCINE is a 'Bio-weapon' used against humanity.

Dr Naomi Wolf has been a trail blazer in her warnings about the CCP-VIRUS COVID-19 vaccine harms / deaths and the dangers of vaccine passports. Dr Wolf is a brilliant force in this hard fight that Americans and the world are waging against our own government and big pharma. In this most recent interview, Dr Wolf holds nothing back - explainimg to Steve Bannon that because of her (and many other volunteers') tireless research through Pfizer's own document dump (force release by federal court order) - this vaccine is nothing less than a "bio-weapon" that has been deployed against humanity. It has been a successful experiment on killing and maiming human beings and the boosters that our own President and FDA are recommending every year - are "a slow mass murder".
On many many points, Dr Wolf's predictions and analysis since the beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic have been spot on. Ignore her at your own peril.

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